Hi, I'm Dylan Cornelius. I help you Plan your Purpose. Plot your Path. Perform and Produce.

Dylan Cornelius's Bio:

Dylan leads innovation. In parallel with a career in Fortune 500 change leadership, Dylan overcame middle age obesity to turn his health around, then became a triathlete and award-winning age-group runner. After that life-changing journey, he consolidated his career and personal experience to create the 9 P's of Transformation, a simple framework anyone can use to create lasting change in their life or business. Visit dylancornelius.com to learn more. He relishes and creates opportunities to have fun, enjoy fantastic relationships, and make a positive difference where it wasn't going to be made otherwise. Dylan is inspired by hope, possibility, big ideas, decisive action, breakthrough performance, and the opportunity to cause something that was never going to happen otherwise. Dylan is a change agent, servant leader, program manager, and recoverer of troubled processes and projects. Visit dylancornelius.com to learn more.

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Large scale change leadership, Running, Tandem Cycling, Triathlon, Service, Coaching, Genealogy, proud member of Texas Beef athlete team, Rogue Running, InsideTracker triathlete, Texas Capital Area Tandem Society, Roadkill cycling, and the crazyinlove.us tandem team.